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Steve Parsons

Steve’s Background

After graduating from the University of Hull with an honours degree in the late 1980’s, I took a job in the local media.

However, an opportunity arose in the insurance industry and since then I have advised in the financial services sector for 23 years and was an Independent Financial Adviser for the last 16 of those. Over the years I have built my business based on my good service and reputation. This has meant I have never advertised, instead successfully relying on the referrals of existing clients.

Due to family circumstances, I recently took a break from work and during that time realised that I wanted my career to take a different path. I considered various avenues, but settled on what I know best and enjoyed most: building long term client relationships based on excellent home service.

I, therefore, turned to will writing and estate planning, a field in which I have had extensive experience in particular over the last 12 years when I took instructions for other will practitioners in my clients’ homes.


Melanie Parsons

Melanie’s Background

I have worked in health and social care for over 35 years. I began my career as a registered nurse for the learning disabled (RNLD), working in various settings, and then eventually moved into social work.  I was responsible for assessing the needs of individuals who were in need of nursing and/or social care services. I quickly developed a working knowledge of costing out packages of care, finding suitable provision or services for individuals, and understanding the different sources of funding streams available to them. I also worked closely with the Continuing Healthcare Team, and held a post with them during my varied career. This was particularly useful as it enabled me to develop a good understanding of how to undertake Continuing Health Care Assessments and to understand the relevant criteria and processes involved (which I must say is the most complex thing I have ever known)!

When I left social care, I wanted to use my knowledge to help others who needed services because of their illness or disabilities. I knew that many people found the whole experience of seeking care and support an absolute minefield, and often did not know where to start looking when they were suddenly in dire need.

I then began managing a Domiciliary Care Service for a close friend of mine, who was also very highly experienced. This service soon developed an excellent reputation for its standard of care and the services we offer to people. That service grew from strength to strength because of our joint knowledge and expertise.

It was great to be on ‘the other side of the fence’ so to speak, and to give my advice and support freely, without being part of the bureaucratic processes that often constrain you within the public sector of Health & Social Care.

With my background experience, I was able to help clients and/or carers to understand the process of assessment and funding to meet specific care needs. I could directly support them to navigate through what was often a very stressful and frustrating experience. It is amazing how many people do not understand what they may be entitled to when they are at their most vulnerable.

I was able to challenge funding decisions, help people to gain Continuing Healthcare Funding (if they met the criteria), receive the type of services they needed, whether that was in their own home or in residential/nursing care, and generally advise them as to what their rights were.

I now want to continue providing this service on a consultancy basis. I am so passionate about ensuring that individuals receive the right support and advice. This is why I am entering into a new partnership with my husband, who has spent many years as an Independent Financial Advisor.

Together, we want to help you to plan for your future, and help you to gain the knowledge, services and funding you need so you can rest assured that your future is in ‘safe hands.’