Steve Parsons

About Safeguarding Futures

Safeguarding Futures is a company which was formed by Steve & Melanie Parsons. We offer a Will Writing, Estate Planning and Care Costs Advisory Service. With their respective backgrounds in financial services and social care and having been carers for a close family member with Alzheimer’s, it occurred to them that there was a way of combining their skills and experiences to help others.

Here at Safeguarding Futures, we are struck time and time again how much misinformation and wrong advice people are given when it comes to making some of the most important decisions in their lives. Many people can be completely unsure as to where to go and who to trust in securing their own and their family’s future. We also realise that people are in difficult situations, particularly when caring for family members. We find that they are worried about the future but do not know where to turn for advice and support.

Melanie Parsons

Understandably, people find visiting a solicitor or dealing with a local authority a very difficult and daunting prospect.

So, at Safeguarding Futures, we are committed to provide a friendly and personal service, which could help to ease the stress of making those important decisions.

We can offer our clients something different from other companies, based on our own professional experiences, and personal ones too.

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