Why consider a pre-paid funeral plan?

In 2004, an average funeral cost £1,920. By 2014 this had risen to £3,600: well above the rate of inflation over the same period.

If you are considering a writing a new will (or updating an existing one), why not consider a pre-paid plan which would not only take full care of the expenses, but also sets out how you wish to have your funeral conducted.

Disadvantages of not having a pre-paid plan in place

  • The monies for funeral costs are usually not available immediately after your death: the funeral generally takes place before the administration of the estate has even begun
  • If you state your funeral wishes in a will they have the status of just “wishes” and often the will is not read until the funeral has taken place. In all too many cases, there simply is not sufficient money in the estate, particularly if your wishes are “unconventional”.

Advantages of having a pre-paid funeral plan

  • Choose exactly the funeral you would like: be it by burial, cremation, cardboard coffin or eco-friendly woodland burial
  • The plan can cater for the customs or religious beliefs you may hold dear
  • Spares your family the emotional burden of having to arrange your funeral at a time when they can least cope
  • Plans can be paid for by a lump sum or monthly instalments to suit your budget
  • The funeral director’s fees are already paid for, regardless of how prices may have risen since you took out the plan
  • Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Safeguarding Futures work with a carefully selected trusted panel of pre-paid funeral providers.

Here at Safeguarding Futures, we work with a few carefully selected providers who also share the same values and principles that we believe in.

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