For peace of mind…

Making a will is the only way to protect your family to give you peace of mind.

Should you die intestate (without a will) you have no control over where your personal assets go.

Your family could be left with many legal complications, delays and extra costs at the most difficult time for them

We can put you fully in control of how your assets will be distributed: ensuring your loved ones will be properly looked after.

You need a Will if you are…

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Without a Will, your spouse or civil partner may not inherit all of your estate

A married couple


Without a Will the law treats you both as single and your partner will receive nothing

An unmarried couple

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If you are now married, children from a previous relationship may receive nothing

Someone with children from a previous relationship

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You should specify who you wish to inherit or live in your property after you have passed away

A Property Owner

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Ensure your children are added to your Will so they will inherit something directly from you

Someone with disabled children


Appointing family or close friends as Executors of your Will avoids extra delays and costs

Appointing close family members

Making a will need not be daunting at all…

We offer a friendly and professional service to make writing your will as straightforward as possible.

We can visit you in the comfort of your own home (or at a time and a place to suit you) and take the time to understand your circumstances and wishes. We also can take instructions via video media, saving you vital time if there is a more urgent timescale.

Everything will be explained in easy to understand language, allowing you to make the right decisions for you and your loved ones. We will then draft the will and send it back to you for your approval.

Why choose Safeguarding Futures?

We offer:

  • A full estate planning service
  • Inheritance tax advice
  • Severance of tenancy and trust advice
  • A wealth of financial planning and social care knowledge and experience
  • Full Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Member of the Society of Will Writers
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